Notary’s office MªDolores Fraile Escribano

Interior reform for notary, Travesía Miramar 7, Sant Antoni de Portmany 2016. Built Surface 110m2

Refurbishment of an old office, installed on the first floor of a building located on the seafront promenade of San Antonio de Portmany, in order to transform it into a Notary's office.

The main space is articulated around an opaque central core of wood that contains the use of the main office and is resolved on the basis of translucent and transparent glass enclosures that house the rest of the uses of offices and rooms. The result is a play of transparencies and reflections that catch the view of the bay and provide natural light to all the rooms. Another characteristic element that adds to all this is an envelope of panels and slats of wood lacquered in white, which begins in the vertical walls of the party walls, serving as the archive of the notary's office, and have continuity in the form of horizontal slats located in the ceiling and which conceal installations, integrate luminaires and provide acoustic comfort.